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The only concern of each and every member of hiring teams is how soon you will achieve results that make that member look good to his/her bosses and associates for the decision to employ you.

Job-Search Demand-Side (JSDS) is your data-driven project management Action Plan to earn your Ideal Job and Career Innovations in less than half the time it takes job seekers in contemporary programs. JSDS alumni report they gained $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 in added income. This is the greatest opportunity of your career. You learn new knowledge – proactive Career Innovations. You need never again to experience a period of involuntary unemployment.

Plan to earn your Ideal Job within 4 months. The JSDS average time to receive a job offer is 3 months; the national average for job seekers in contemporary programs is 9 months.

JSDS is on-line adult education. You have step-by-step comprehensive and detailed “how to…” instructions. Your success is guaranteed. Plan to work smart and hard for one week to learn how to create your New Tools – 4 learning modules; and, for another week to learn how to apply your New Tools to empower your New Skills – 5 JSDS Pages: New Achievements, Communications, Networking, Interviewing and Listening.

The best organizations continuously search for and recruit productive associates – who have JSDS new Tools and Skills – who know how to, (1) foresee and take advantage of new opportunities in uncertain, difficult and dynamic job markets, (2) proactively invent and reinvent themselves and their jobs, (3) achieve measurable results, (4) listen for performance criteria and then connect each criterion to one or more of their achieved results and (5) cooperate with hiring teams to manage hiring decisions. 


Job Finding Support learning modules explain how to resolve the 5 critical challenges that inherently prevent individuals from finding a new job.

Your JSDS pages provide 2 sets of learning modules, New Tools and New Skills.

Your JSDS News Tools, 4 learning modules, show you how to use standard (business) operating procedures (SOP), computer technologies (databases, spreadsheets, etc.), customer-defined satisfaction and other practices to successfully manage your current and immediate job which is to earn your Ideal Job.

Your JSDS New Skills, 5 learning modules, show you how to apply your New Tools to empower your JSDS News Skills; you have comprehensive and detailed reference texts, instructions, check lists, insights and more.

On Your Concerns page, JSDS Alumni write messages to you concerning your new opportunities. You also find answers to frequently asked questions.

On About JSDS page, you learn the exceptional history, origin and successes of your Job-Search Demand-Side business model.

On the Blog page, you discuss the latest job search literature, discoveries, opportunities and results.

Thank you again for visiting with us. Job-Search Demand-Side has helped hundreds of people find new jobs and incomes that helped them live better lives. Achieve the same results for your family.

Please activate the Job Finding Support button. 

– Richard McCarty



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